Lowell Elementary ‘BackPack’ Program Sends Food Home with Kids

Surrounded by boxes of mushrooms, onions and apples, Lida Running Crane admired the bounty of fresh food before sitting down to parcel out the goods at Lowell Elementary School.

“It’s so colorful this week,” Running Crane said. “I’m excited about how it all will be used.”

Each Friday, the Lowell parent joins the school’s family resource counselor to put together care packages to provide the school’s hungriest children with food to help them get through the weekend.

Powered by the belief that one person can make a difference, Running Crane is the person responsible for finding sponsors to pay for the fresh food included with prepackaged items – such as canned soup and cereal bars – supplied each week by the Montana Food Bank Network for Lowell’s “Backpack” program.

“I was just concerned with the nutritional content and I wanted to supplement,” Running Crane said. “The goal is to give the kiddos and their families an opportunity to try new things and get excited about veggies.

“We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but to encourage people to do simple things like add kale to scrambled eggs and cauliflower to mac and cheese.”

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