Become an Advocate

Become an Advocate

What is Advocacy?
Advocacy involves educating elected officials about the issue of hunger in Montana and working to identify and advance policy solutions that will put struggling families on the road to healthy, hunger-free lives.

Help us ensure that the issues of hunger and poverty remain a priority for Montana’s legislators. Below are some simple ways that you can become an advocate for hungry Montanans:


1. Sign up for our bimonthly e-newsletter and Action Alerts to stay up-to-date on issues related to hunger in Montana and opportunities to get involved! Sign up and find actions you can take NOW

2. Contact your legislators and Congressional leaders
Please check back for specific opportunities to contact your state and national legislators regarding anti-hunger policies.
Contact info for Montana State Legislators
Contact info for Montana’s Congressional Leaders

3. Share your story! Personal stories inform our work and educate policy makers. If you aren’t sure what to share, consider sharing a story related to the following:

  • Difficulty you have had accessing food (due to cost, transportation, limited availability, etc.)
  • The role that a food pantry or meal program has played in helping you put food on the table
  • The role that public food programs (SNAP, WIC, School Meals, Summer Food, Senior Commodities, etc.) have played in helping you put food on the table
  • Losing a job or having trouble finding work in this tough economy
  • Working for insufficient wages or living on a fixed income and the impact on your food budget
  • The struggle to pay for necessities such as housing, medical care, or child care and the impact these expenses have on your food budget
  • A past experience using a food pantry or public assistance program that helped you get back on your feet
  • A memorable experience you had as a service provider, anti-hunger advocate, or volunteer

For additional information on becoming an advocate, contact Lorianne Burhop at 721-3825 ext. 230 or


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