Fresh Food in a SNAP

Get healthier, fresher food in your house this month!

Many households, families, and seniors in Montana qualify for assistance under the SNAP program or other public programs offered. The average benefit in Montana is nearly $120 per person per month. Seniors can receive SNAP benefits and still receive senior commodities and meals-on-wheels.

Check out the income guidelines or contact our SNAP Outreach Coordinator now and start getting access to fresher and healthier food!


What is SNAP?

SNAP is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as Food Stamps), a program designed to help people in Montana make ends meet and afford healthy food. SNAP participants receive monthly food benefits on the Montana Access debit card. Find additional information on the DPHHS website – SNAP Program Overview


To qualify for SNAP, you need to meet two income guidelines:

1. The first step is meeting the Gross Guideline. If you meet this guideline, turn in an application to see if you also meet the Net Guideline.

Household Size Gross Monthly Income*
 1   $2010
 2   $2708
 3   $3404
 Add’l Members   +$698
*Households with a previously disqualified member will need to meet a lower Gross Limit

2. When you apply, your case worker will dedcut a portion of your living expenses from your income to see if you meet the Net Guideline. Your Net Income for SNAP cannot be calculated until you submit an application. 

Household Size Net Monthly Income
 1   $1005
 2   $1354
 3   $1702
 Add’l Members   +$349


How to Apply?

Call 406-239-6475 or 406-215-1752 to apply over the phone with MFBN’s SNAP Outreach Coordinator.

Apply Online: to apply for SNAP, TANF, and health coverage assistance (including Medicaid and Healthy Montana Kids). A fast, easy pre-screening tool is also available.

Or, call or visit your nearest Office of Public Assistance

For More Information:

Call the Montana Food Bank Network at (406)721-3825 for general information.

Not sure if SNAP is right for you? Call or text the SNAP Outreach Coordinator at (406)239-6475 to begin the discussion on how you can get more food in your fridge and cupboards this month.  We can provide information and assistance from starting, to completing, and maintaining your SNAP benefits. We can also provide other forms of assistance that you may qualify for or direct you to other services located in your local area.

Locate stores that accept SNAP in your area