Research and Reports

The Montana Food Bank Network regularly conducts research into the status of hunger in Montana and the underutilization of public food programs. We use these reports to help our donors, elected officials, partner agencies, and the general public stay up-to-date on important issues and topics related to hunger and poverty in our state.


Voices of Montana: Stories of Hunger and Hope

Our Voices of Montana report shares the stories of five individuals, as well as additional quotes and photos, to present a first person view of the experience of food insecurity in Montana.
Voices of Montana 2017 Report





Hungry in Montana Reports

A comprehensive report on hunger in Montana, released every other year. The report examines the underlying factors contributing to the need for food assistance, the reasons food pantry clients either are or are not participating in the public nutrition programs, and the ways clients cope with hunger and food insecurity.
Hungry in Montana 2016 Report
Hungry in Montana 2016 Report Summary

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Montana Summer Food Service Program Report

A report illustrating access to the Summer Food Service Program by county.
Summer 2016 Report

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Summer 2015 Report
Summer 2014 Report




Montana School Breakfast Report

A report examining participation in the Free and Reduced Price Breakfast program by school district.
School Year 2015-2016 Report Card

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School Year 2014-2015 Report
School Year 2013-2014 Report