Breakfast: Every Child, Every Day PSAs


What: Eight 30-second Public Service Announcements (PSA) sound clips on breakfast promotion. Reinforce the importance of eating breakfast and options for accessing breakfast in Montana communities.

Why: Motivate parents to make sure that their children eat breakfast every day.

Breakfast PSAs Audio files: Ready to use sound bites featuring Montana’s First Lady Lisa Bullock.

Breakfast PSA Guest Speaker Scripts: Use these text files to record a custom PSA with your own guest speakers.

PSA 1 – Brain Fuel audio text
PSA 2 – Food on the Table audio text
PSA 3 – Summer Breakfast audio text
PSA 4 – Farm to Breakfast Tables audio text
PSA 5 – Expanded Breakfast Options audio text
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Breakfast Logo (Black and White) image
Breakfast Logo (Color – PDF Vector) pdf
Breakfast Logo (Black and White – PDF Vector) pdf

How and When to use:
These PSAs offer valuable, simple information about the benefits of breakfast. Each PSA can be used as is. Just download the audio files for immediate use. Send the files, along with the Call to Action cover letter to your local radio stations, health departments, schools, child care centers, summer feeding sites, and other organizations.

Using the text files, the PSAs can be personalized to your community. Finding a local role model, VIP, or celebrity to be the voice of the PSAs could be an effective way to share these messages. Ask a local radio station for air time to record the PSAs with a guest speaker. Ideas for guest speakers: mayor, school board member, local radio DJ, local sports figure (college, high school, or junior high athlete), local artist, local farmer, school principal, school food service manager, local doctor, fire chief, and tribal elder or American Indian chief – anyone highly regarded in your community.

See the Six Super Ways to Use the Breakfast PSAs tip sheet to identify which message may be most effective for your school/community and when to play it.



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