Food Security Council Members

Members of the Food Security Council of the Montana Food Bank Network:

Voting Members: Advisory Members (non-voting):
Minkie Medora, Chair
MFBN Board of Directors
Missoula, MT
Jesse Anderson
Agriculture Liaison, Office of Senator Tester
Helena, MT
Katie Bark
Montana Team Nutrition Specialist
Montana State University, Bozeman, MT
Carrie Ashe
MSU Extension, Nutrition Education Program
Bozeman, MT
Amanda Cahill
American Heart Association
Missoula, MT
Christine Emerson
School Nutrition Program Director
Office of Public Instruction, Helena, MT
Kate Devino
Montana Association of WIC Agencies
Missoula, MT
Forest Farris
Intergovernmental Human Services Bureau
DPHHS, Helena, MT
Shawna Donaldson
Senior Nutrition Program Coordinator,
Rocky Mountain Development Council
Helena, MT
Zack Gambill
Director of Veteran Affairs
Office of Congressman Zinke
Helena, MT
Gayle Gifford
CEO, Montana Food Bank Network
Missoula, MT
Kate Girard
WIC Director, DPHHS
Helena, MT
Coleen R. Kaiser, MS, RD, LN
Montana Dietetic Internship Director
MSU, Bozeman, MT
Mary Musil
Manager, Child and Adult Care Food Program
DPHHS, Helena, MT
Mary Lehman
MFBN Board of Directors
Great Falls, MT
Jamie Palagi
Administrator, Human and Community Services Division
DPHHS, Helena, MT
Lacy Stephens
National Farm to School Network
Bozeman, MT
Kathe Quittenton
SNAP Manager
DPHHS, Helena, MT
Fran Viereck
AARP Executive Council Member
Helena, MT
Jackie Stoeckel
Program Officer, Aging Services
DPHHS, Helena, MT
Council Staff:
Christie Twardoski
Human and Community Services Division
DPHHS, Helena, MT
Lorianne Burhop
Chief Policy Officer,
Montana Food Bank Network
Missoula, MT
Alison Vergeront
Agricultural Liaison, Office of Senator Daines
Great Falls, MT