Hunger’s Hope Award Recipients 2014

The Hunger’s Hope Award is the Montana Food Bank Network’s  most prestigious award provided to individuals, donors, corporations, and organizations that have demonstrated excellence in their efforts and have made a significant impact to end hunger in Montana.

First Lady Lisa Bullock
It is our pleasure to recognize the First Lady of Montana, Lisa Bullock, with a Hunger’s Hope Award.  Mrs. Bullock has demonstrated tremendous passion and commitment in her work to end child hunger in Montana.  She has presented the Awards for MFBN’s Food Security Council, and spoken at several events around the issue of child hunger, including the 2013 statewide summit to end childhood hunger in MT.  Mrs. Bullock has worked to establish annual Breakfast Awards to recognize schools that have successfully started a new site or have increased participation by utilizing an alternative model of serving breakfast.  She has recently pulled together a group of 15 middle and high school students from around the state to serve on a Youth Leadership Council to look at ways to address hunger.  When Mrs. Bullock speaks about the issue of hunger, especially among children, it is clear that she is affected by knowledge that 1 in 5 children live in food insecure households in Montana.  She is truly committed to reducing hunger for Montana children.

Ann Sharkey
Since she began volunteering at the Montana Food Bank Network in 2011, Ann Sharkey has dedicated hundreds of hours of her time to ending hunger in Montana.  Because of her efforts, Ann has single handedly saved the Montana Food Bank Network enough money to purchase over 21,500 meals!  Ann’s attention to detail and efficiency never cease to amaze our staff and we are motivated by her dedication to the mission of ending hunger in Montana.  It is with sincere gratitude and affection that we present Ann Sharkey with the 2014 Hunger’s Hope Award.

Virginia “Ginny” Mermel
Ginny has the challenging task of feeding very low-income, food insecure students in Billings through school pantries and BackPack programs. Many of the students she serves are emancipated or homeless and rely on the assistance provided through her programs in order to eat. She has been a partner of the Montana Food Bank Network since 2012, and has steadily expanded the reach and scope of child hunger programs in Billings and the surrounding area while working tirelessly to ensure stable funding and administration for child hunger programs.  Because of her commitment to making sure that all children have enough to eat, we award Virginia Mermel the 2014 Hunger’s Hope Award.

Good Food Store
At the Good Food Store, giving back to the community is a part of their mission.  Over the last decade, they have played a vital role in numerous fundraising events for the Montana Food Bank Network.  To date, they have donated enough money for the Montana Food Bank Network to be able to provide over 47,000 meals.  The Good Food Store has demonstrated a commitment to the Missoula Community and to making it a better, healthier place for those who live here.  The Montana Food Bank Network is grateful to have such a committed partner in our fight against hunger and we are proud to present them with the 2014 Hunger’s Hope Award.