Support Double SNAP dollars

Support Double SNAP dollars
HB400 Supports Montana’s Double SNAP Dollars Program

Montana’s Double SNAP Dollars Program is a win for families, farmers, and local economies. Help urge support for HB400!

We’ve been sharing a lot of updates this week but there is finally a good SNAP bill on the table: HB400 requests state funding to support the Double SNAP Dollars program, which provides match dollars to SNAP customers who spend their benefits at participating farmers markets.

Unfortunately we did not get much notice on the hearing. HB400 has a hearing Monday, 2/11, at 3pm in the House Human Services Committee.


  1. Please let me know if anyone is available to testify at the hearing.
  2. Even if you can’t be at the hearing, please contact your legislator on the House Human Services Committee. If your legislator isn’t on the committee, email the full committee!

If your legislator isn’t on the House Human Services Committee, you can send an email to the full committee here:

  • After entering your contact information, you will choose whether to send the email to a legislator or a committee
  • Select send message to “Committee”
  • Select (H) Human Services from the drop down menu

Sample email or phone message (PLEASE PERSONALIZE):
Subject: Please support HB400, which invests in Montana’s Double SNAP Dollars

I urge you to pass HB400, which will support Montana’s Double SNAP Dollars program, allowing it to reach new communities and families. I am [TITLE, REPRESENTATIVE OF AN ORGANIZATION, A COMMUNITY MEMBER] and I [LIVE or SERVE PEOPLE] in your district in [CITY or COUNTY].

This bill provides state investment in a program that benefits Montana families and Montana farmers. One in eight Montanans lives in a home that struggles to afford all the food they need. Food insecurity impacts families with children, low-wage workers, seniors, people with disabilities, and anyone else struggling through hard times.  Many of these families and individuals participate in SNAP, which makes a tremendous difference, but affording healthy food can still be a challenge. Especially in rural communities, it is difficult to afford fresh produce on a SNAP budget. Helping families afford fresh, local fruits and vegetables will support improved health and nutrition in our state.

Double SNAP Dollars is a win not only for Montana families, but also for Montana farmers and local economies. Farmers markets are an important source of revenue for our family farmers. Encouraging SNAP customers to spend their food benefits on local produce means more customers and increased sales for our producers.

Please support our families and farmers by passing HB400.

Thank you,
A list of committee members, the areas they represent, and links to contact information is here
For more info or with any questions, contact Lorianne Burhop at [email protected].


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