Proposed SNAP cuts – Open for Comment

Say NO to another round of proposed SNAP cuts

Earlier this month, the USDA published another proposed rule that would take food assistance from struggling households. The latest proposal would cut SNAP benefits by $4.5 billion over five years by restricting state flexibility in determining how utility costs are taken into account when determining SNAP eligibility.

  • In Montana, an estimated 42% of SNAP households would face a cut to their monthly SNAP benefits.
  • The deadline to submit comments on this rule is Monday, December 2nd.

Under current law, SNAP takes the utility expenses of each SNAP household into account using a state-specific Standard Utility Allowance (SUA), calculated by the state and approved by USDA. This policy allows variances in SUAs to accommodate for differences in utility costs and rates, and allows states flexibility in how they calculate those costs.

The proposed rule would standardize and cap SUA calculations across the country based on survey data. The Administration estimates that the net impact will be a cut to SNAP benefits amounting to $4.5 billion over five years, and will disproportionately hurt seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Please help us oppose this rule change by submitting a comment and urging others in your network to do the same. It is imperative that the Administration understands the harmful impacts that this proposal will have on the health and well-being of thousands of Montana households. The 60 day comment period ends December 2.

You can use Feeding America’s platform to easily submit a comment.

Remember to personalize your comment in order for it to count.

  • Mention why you are commenting. What is your connection to the issue (are you a parent, a concerned community member, a service provider, a SNAP participant, etc.)?
  • What is the situation in your community? (Low incomes, high expenses, added difficulties due to winter heating costs, struggle to afford utilities and food, etc.)
  • Who will be hurt by this proposal? What will the impact be for household in your community?

If you would like to submit longer comments, or comments on behalf of your organization and would like help, contact Lorianne at [email protected] or 406-215-1773.

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