Montana Sea hawkers host a Battle of the Birds

Montana Sea hawkers host a Battle of the Birds


MONTANA –The Montana Sea Hawkers are the local chapter of the official Seattle Seahawks Booster Club, the Sea Hawkers, which includes more than 50 chapters worldwide.


The Montana Sea Hawkers are committed to serving the communities where we live and beyond.  Recently members teamed up with the Montana Food Bank Network to collect 1300 pounds of Turkeys to feed those in need across Montana.


On Sunday, November 24, the Seahawks were successful in defeating the Philadelphia Eagles.  In Montana, the Sea Hawkers hosted their own “Battle of the Birds.”  The chapter asked members and others to help win the battle against hunger.  Sea Hawkers responded with a huge outpouring.


The Turkeys collected will be distributed to a number of Montana locations to help feed people here in the Treasure State.   In honor of its 100th season, the NFL, Fans around the globe are giving back through the NFL Huddle for 100 program further encouraging fans to give back to their communities.


“We are thrilled to be able to give back to the communities in which we live,” said Montana Sea Hawkers Immediate Past President Roger Peterson, “the Seahawks are extremely community oriented and we as Sea Hawkers want to do everything we can to help provide families with the food they need.”


When members have gathered in locations across Montana this year so far this season they have now contributed more than 2200 lbs. of food to the Montana Food Bank Network providing more than 1700 meals for fellow Montanans.  With a few more weeks left in the season, the Montana Sea Hawkers hope to exceed more than 3000 pounds in donations for the Montana Food Bank Network this season.


“We are proud to partner with a great community oriented organization like the Sea Hawkers, said Montana Food Bank Network CEO, Gayle Carlson.  “Through efforts like working with the Montana Sea Hawkers the Montana Food Bank Network continues to work toward fulfilling our Mission of ending hunger in Montana through food acquisition and distribution, education and advocacy.  Our vision is a Montana free from hunger where everyone has equal access to nutritious food,” Carlson added.


You can learn more about all the philanthropic work the chapter is engaged in at:

More information about the chapter is posted on the Montana Sea Hawkers website at


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