Dr. Paul Miller, MFBN Board of Directors

Dr. Paul Miller,                                             MFBN Board of Directors

“When we first started researching hunger in Montana, a lot of people were in denial that it existed,” says Dr. Paul Miller, a member of Montana Food Bank Network’s board of directors. All told, 1 out of every 10 Montanans are hungry, including 1 in 6 children.

The challenge of hunger is great because of all the factors that contribute to it. There’s the sheer size of the state, with nearly 70,000 Montanans living in communities where fresh, healthy and affordable food is hard to come by. Jobs that don’t quite make ends meet – or that come and go with the seasons – make it tough to keep food on the table, especially when you have young children or aging relatives depending on you.

One of the biggest challenges of all? Asking for help. Agreeing that hunger exists in Montana is one thing, but acknowledging that it’s hurting our own family is another.

Solving these challenges couldn’t be more important. For children, hunger can impair cognitive development, making it harder to succeed in school. For seniors, hunger can worsen chronic conditions and weaken the immune system. Ultimately, higher healthcare costs, lower education levels and diminished productivity at work means hunger holds Montana’s economy back, too.

But ending hunger in Montana is possible. For Dr. Paul Miller, who has dedicated his career to the cause, it’s our people – Montanans themselves – who can make it work. “We have skilled professionals at MFBN, volunteers across the state and so many who are committed to doing the best they can for Montanans in need.”

Your $10 donation will help provide at least 50 healthy meals. That makes an incredible difference to so many of our neighbors in need.

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