A note from Gayle Carlson, MFBN President and CEO

It is staggering to see the research, but for Montana’s children, 1 in 7 is experiencing hunger. 3 out of 4 households facing food insecurity have a child, senior or adult who is unable to work due to disability. This is a BIG CHALLENGE which requires BIG SOLUTIONS.

Many of you partnered with Montana Food Bank Network (MFBN) to take on this challenge. We are proud to report that MFBN delivered 24 million pounds of food across 56 counties and 7 reservations throughout Montana. This offered Montanans hope through the 915,979 healthy meals we distributed to children, seniors and adults through MFBN’s Meal Programs.

To those of you have partnered with us in the past – I give you my heartfelt thanks and assurance that ending hunger is still MFBN’s goal for 2022!

We still face some hurdles to end hunger in Montana. Will you join us at Montana Food Bank Network as we take on this BIG CHALLENGE together?

Because together, we can do more!

With gratitude – Gayle Carlson

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