Retail & Grocery Donations

Retail stores like to sell products at their peak quality. However, when a red pepper starts to shrivel, or a package of beef approaches its sell-by date, its life is not over.

America’s dumpsters should not be better fed than its people.
-Dan Glickman

Just because a product is not sell-able, that doesn’t mean it is not useable. Through our Grocery Rescue program, network partners rescue non-sell-able product and give it a home. These products provide food pantry visitors with fresh foods that are nutritious, but sometimes more difficult to afford.

In 2016, we facilitated partnerships between 65 stores and 27 of our network partners to rescue 5.8 million pounds of food! 

Montana Food Bank Network monitors network partners and provides food safety training to make sure that food is kept safe for consumption. Additionally, network partners are specially trained to know how long a product can be consumed past its sell-by date.

Products accepted:

  • Produce, meat, beverages, bakery, dairy, dry food, deli and prepared foods, and personal care items.
  • We cannot accept recalled products, spoiled food, products without ingredients lists, or perishables returned by a customer.

Our dedicated retail partners:

  • Albertsons, Smith’s, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Loaf ‘N Jug, Reynolds Market, Target, Cash & Carry, and Costco.

To start a program, or for more information contact Eric Luongo, Agency Resource Coordinator.

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