Catherine Lea - Programs Coordinator

Catherine LeaPrograms Coordinator

(406) 541-4874

Catherine Lea grew up in rural Vermont and now calls Montana home. She believes that everyone has the right to live free from hunger, and is proud to work for an organization that not only meets the urgent need for food but also advocates for food security for all Montanans. She loves having the opportunity to travel to communities all over the state to visit school pantry and BackPack programs. As a former teacher, she believes there is no better way to get to know a place than through its public-school system.


  1. She loves cooking for people and will feed anyone who drops by for dinner.
  2. She worked in New York for ten years and taught cooking and nutrition classes in elementary schools all over the city. Her favorite spot was a school in Queens, where she could get a huge plate of Dominican food at a nearby diner after class.
  3. One of her favorite things about living in Montana is the abundance of natural hot springs.
  4. Although she’s never hunted, she helped her brother-in-law butcher an elk and cooked elk stew for her first Montana Thanksgiving.
  5. She has a cranky cat named George after a favorite singer, George Jones. Sadly, George the cat’s voice is nowhere near as good as his namesake’s.

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