Children who are well fed, are ready to learn

The BackPack Program is school-based program that distributes food to chronically hungry students for weekends and holidays away from school meals.

The BackPack Program is made possible through a cooperative effort between school staff, local organizations, and Montana Food Bank Network (MFBN). MFBN’s Programs team works closely with on-site Coordinators and Fiscal Sponsors to ensure the food is stored safely and distributed discreetly, also providing program support and training, and ensuring program compliance with Feeding America.

First Steps to start a BackPack Program

  1. Administrator approval
  2. Submit application and agreements
  3. Partner with a local fiscal sponsor and establish funding
  4. Designate a coordinator to administer the program at school

When considering a new BackPack Program site, MFBN staff meets with prospective partners to train on program procedures, provide resources, ensure sustainability, facilitate delivery and storage logistics, and address any concerns or questions the school staff may have. BackPack bags are distributed once each week to referred students and siblings. Any Montana school can participate in this program! We recognize that even if a school’s Free & Reduced Price School Meal participation is only 1%, there will be hungry children in the community.

If your school could benefit from the BackPack Program or for more information contact Stephanie Staley, Chief Programs Officer

If BackPack is not the right fit, or you are unsure, check out our link below to Start A Food Site and learn about other programs that may be a good fit for your community.

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