Our Mission is to End Hunger in Montana

We are Montana’s only statewide food bank. We distribute food from Heron to Wibaux, Eureka to West Yellowstone and everywhere in between. We partner with neighborhood food banks, community pantries, social organizations, homeless shelters, schools and hundreds of other organizations that are all working together to end hunger in Montana. We believe that together we can end hunger in Montana.

Mission statement

Our mission is to end hunger in Montana through food acquisition and distribution, education and advocacy. MFBN has been feeding Montana since 1983. Our vision is a Montana free from hunger where everyone has equal access to nutritious food.


With a $1 donation, we help provide at least 5 meals.

How is this even possible?
Through partnerships with local and national food manufacturers, agriculturists and other food manufacturers we are able to secure large amounts of food through generous donations, grants or wholesale. Then, through a team of volunteers, we are able to break down the large-scale food into manageable family size portions so our partner agencies and other programs are then able to easily store and distribute these to those individuals in our state that are struggling to make ends meet.


Community support is vital to make our vision of a hunger-free Montana possible. You are here, you obviously have a passion to be a part of getting emergency food to our neighbors in Montana. We need you to get involved in a meaningful way. Whether that way is volunteering, donating or starting a food site in your neighborhood, your purpose defines your meaning. There is no time better than now be a  part of the movement to end hunger in Montana.

We are a network

We have the greatest impact and effectiveness when collaborating and working together to strengthen the beautiful state we call home and the amazing people that are our neighbors, friends and family.

We want to talk to you today about getting involved. Below and throughout this website, you can find information on Hunger in Montana, the programs we maintain, the network we partner with and how to get involved.

Call us between 8 am and 5 pm (Montana time) at (406) 721-3825. Evenings, weekends and holidays feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we get back in the office.

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