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Updated December 2022

Montana Food Bank Network (MFBN) provides wholesale access to healthy quality foods to the network of around 340 partners. These network partners provide direct service to individuals and families in need by distributing food and grocery products to clients in their service areas.  Each network partner is as unique as the community it serves and forms the foundation of hunger relief throughout this wonderful state. 

Network partners range from regional food banks with modern warehouses to single rooms in rural towns.  They provide assistance in the form of bags or boxes of groceries, hot meals in soup kitchens, or serve daily meals as part of residential and treatment programs.  MFBN helps to meet around 5% of the total food needs of some larger, urban partners while meeting almost 100% of the need in rural areas. To locate all MFBN Network Partners view our Resources Map

Montana Food Bank Network operates on a 6-week order & delivery cycle.  At the start of each cycle, MFBN provides a shopping list for several food programs offering a product in caseload quantity to network partners.  Our partners place their orders then MFBN schedules their delivery. Network partners orders are also available for pick up at the MFBN warehouse in Missoula. 

For some products, network partners pay a shared maintenance fee of no more than 19 cents per pound for a nonperishable product.  A perishable product such as fresh produce, bread and dairy are offered with no shared maintenance fee.  Shared maintenance helps cover a percentage of MFBN’s operational costs such as utilities, transportation and running refrigerators and freezers.  All other assistance and services provided by Montana Food Bank Network are available to network partners at no cost.  This includes food safety training, meetings, outreach materials, nutrition information and training as well as access to Feeding America resources. 

Through a partnership with Montana Food Bank Network, network partners can reduce the amount spent on food purchases and use the money saved to feed, shelter, train, counsel, educate, protect, rehabilitate, house and comfort more individuals and families in need.  Montana Food Bank Network serves as a supplemental food resource for its partners and encourages the development of long-term charitable giving and solutions to hunger in Montana. 

For more information contact Jesse Schraufnagel Agency Relations Coordinator. 

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