Nutrition is the key to success in the classroom

The mission of the School Pantry Program is to supply food and community assistance to students and families who are in need at school. There are several ways to reach students in need of food assistance. In schools where a BackPack Program is not the right fit, or additional resources are needed, School Pantries can fill the gap for students.


One major barrier to implementing a School Pantry is the startup cost of equipment and food-safe storage. Through a special grant and continued support, MFBN is able to provide starter kits at no cost to schools. Each kit includes refrigeration, shelving, microwave, record-keeping materials and forms, food safety training, and MFBN best practices support and guidance. This gives schools the equipment and training they need to safely store and discreetly distribute food to their students. So far we have provided a total of 24 starter kits to middle and high schools across Montana.


Older students crave independence and the freedom to make choices, even if it is only the foods they will use over the weekend. Where BackPack Program offers a unique, easy-prepare solution for younger children, School Pantry gives middle and high school students more flexibility in meeting their needs.

School Pantries often include other community resources, school supplies, hygiene items, recipes and more; offering students a more well-rounded approach to taking responsibility for themselves! Whether they need a quick snack in the morning, or a full bag of groceries for the weekend, School Pantry is designed to give flexibility and independence to a hard to reach population.

For more information, to start, or support a School Pantry in your community please contact Stephanie Staley, Chief Programs Coordinator.

School Pantry Programs


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