SNAP helps ensure that Montana households have the food and nutrition they need to thrive

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is the nation’s largest nutrition program helping approximately 120,000 Montanans put healthy food on the table each month. The program is available to anyone who is income eligible including working families, single individuals, seniors, people with disabilities, and people who are unemployed.

Approximately 1 out of 4 Montanans likely to qualify for SNAP does not participate. Participation is particularly low among seniors with 2 out of 3 eligible seniors not participating. The most common barriers include a lack of knowledge about eligibility guidelines, misconceptions about how the program works, difficulty with the application process, and a reluctance to accept help from a public program.

SNAP application assistance

The Montana Food Bank Network offers SNAP application assistance by phone, as well as in-person at various community outreach events. We operate a toll-free SNAP Hotline Monday-Thursday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. Our SNAP Outreach Coordinator can help answer any questions, pre-screen for potential eligibility, and help complete an application all over the telephone. For more information, click the SNAP Application Assistance button below.

SNAP agency training opportunities

The Montana Food Bank Network works with partner agencies and other service providers to ensure the food needs of low-income Montanans are being met. We train service providers and interested agencies on conducting SNAP outreach and how to fill out the SNAP application so they can offer this service to clients. Our training focuses on the online application, although we do have paper copies of the SNAP application available. The training, done with our SNAP Outreach Coordinator, is between 1.5-2 hours in length.

To apply for SNAP, schedule a SNAP training for your agency, or receive more information on SNAP, contact Elizabeth Weaver, SNAP Outreach Coordinator

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