Brent Weisgram - Vice President & Chief Operations Officer

Brent WeisgramVice President & Chief Operations Officer

(406) 541-4877

Brent was born and raised in Conrad, MT then later moved to Valier, MT for high school. Brent believes there is enough nutritious food available that nobody should go hungry and we have a social obligation to care for our neighbors who are incapable. The best part about Brent’s job is the people. Brent loves working with an amazing network and team of professionals who are so collaborative and committed to helping others.


  • loves playing cards, cribbage, and backgammon;
  • coached the first Montana Juniors Little League Girls Softball team ever to play in a World Series;
  • will be hunting, fishing, skiing, golfing, camping, or doing anything else outside in his free time;
  • prefers Reeseā€™s Peanut Butter cups instead of Hershey’s on his s’mores; and
  • loves tacos and has to eat tacos at least once a week!

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