Gayle Carlson - Chief Executive Officer

Gayle CarlsonChief Executive Officer

(406) 721-3875

Gayle came to Montana Food Bank Network after years of working with nonprofits with very different missions, there’s something about food banking that spoke to her.  Hunger is an issue that we all know is happening but no one wants to talk about.  We have adequate food supplies, we just need to find a way to ensure that everyone has access.

Individuals who work in food banking are dedicated and passionate about the work they do.  The clientele we serve are truly amazing individuals who are doing the best with what life has given them.  Many times their stories are testaments to the strength and determination it takes to overcome adversity.

Gayle is the ring-leader of creating  a passionate staff who feel strongly that this is a unified effort.  Sharing of resources and knowledge is the norm across the nation – we are all in this together!

A little about Gayle. . .

  1. She is a music “junkie”. In her younger years, She took professional voice coaching, played guitar and keyboard in a couple of bands. She was also a part-owner in a recording studio in her early college years.
  2. Her original career path was to become an attorney.
  3. Gayle’s hobby is photography. She feels that nothing is better than the textures and light of an old barn!
  4. It is no secret, but her grandsons have her wrapped around their little fingers.
  5. Her life-long friend and middle school boyfriend went on to be an award-winning musician and was the opening act for Hall & Oates, Eddie Money and Smokey Robinson.

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