Gayle Carlson - President & Chief Executive Officer

Gayle CarlsonPresident & Chief Executive Officer

(406) 721-3875

Gayle came to Montana Food Bank Network after years of working with nonprofits serving at-risk women and children. But once she ventured into food banking in 2007, Gayle knew she had found her passion.  Hunger is an issue everyone knows is happening but most will rarely talk about. In a nation with adequate food resources, Gayle looks for ways to ensure that all Montanans can access the food they need. She sees the individuals in food banking as passionate and dedicated to serve their neighbors who are doing their best with what life has given them. Their stories often testify to the strength and determination it takes to overcome the adversity of food insecurity. 

Gayle is the ringleader of creating a passionate staff who feel strongly that ending hunger is a unified effort and believes we are better together! 


  • loves live music and has a mission to attend as many classic rock concerts as possible; 
  • had an original career path to become an attorney; 
  • enjoys a hobby of photography and feels that nothing is better than the textures and light of an old barn;
  • grew up in the ‘motor city’ and inherited a love of cars from her dad, spending many hours refurbishing a 1964 Amphicar family heirloom; and
  • is wrapped around her grandchildren’s little fingers – so be prepared if you ask for pictures!

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