Kyle Coquillette - Operations Distribution Supervisor

Kyle CoquilletteOperations Distribution Supervisor

(406) 215-1776

Kyle grew up in northern Illinois, about 60 miles west of Chicago, in a town known for hosting the world’s third largest pumpkin-based festival. He and his girlfriend moved to Montana from northern Minnesota for her to attend law school at the University of Montana. They were enticed by the immensity of outdoor recreation possibilities available within walking/bicycling distance of downtown, the lively community events, and the mountains. It’s cozy here. MFBN is the first place Kyle has been able to work where he is able to live and express his truest self. Our mission is his mission and something he deeply believes in, and is something he has spent the last decade of his life pursuing in his own personal life, so he is genuinely excited for the intersection between these two aspects of his life.


  • Has been a vegan for over a decade
  • Is an avid cyclist and endurance athlete
  • Spent time living abroad in Sweden on a permaculture farm and in Vietnam at a holistic veganic Buddhist farm/retreat
  • Is both a cat dad to two handsome little cats and a future apprentice upholsterer
  • Never goes a day without coffee, nor a night without yoga

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