Engaging with Lived Experts

In our work towards a hunger-free Montana, the voices and perspectives of individuals with lived expertise must be part of the discussion. MFBN is striving to build relationships with and learn from individuals who have first-hand experience with food insecurity. These individuals bring an invaluable perspective and critical voice on the issue of hunger in Montana. MFBN works to provide tools and opportunities for Lived Experts to share their experiences with food insecurity and navigating public assistance programs with decisionmakers, informing policy efforts and improving food access in Montana.

MFBN’s current efforts include facilitating Lived Expert Listening Sessions in communities across the state. We will take what we learn from these sessions to educate the general public, program administrators, and lawmakers on the importance of public nutrition programs, opportunities to strengthen access and remove barriers to programs, and the need for solutions that address root causes of hunger. We will facilitate opportunities for Lived Experts to raise their voices in the work to end hunger, connecting directly with lawmakers and other decisionmakers.

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