The Hunger Hope Advocacy Award is given to an advocate, public employee/agency, non-profit organization, business, or other individual or group as recognition for significant accomplishments towards ending hunger through education, outreach, and advocacy. This work may include educating the public and policymakers on the status of hunger in Montana, collaboration with community and governmental organizations to implement solutions to reducing hunger, and pursuing long term solutions at the local, state, or federal policy levels.

The nomination should demonstrate that the nominee has gone above their normal job duties to make a noteworthy contribution to their local community or the state as a whole.

In the nomination, please clearly identify how the nominee meets the following:

  • worked to create consistent and sustainable access to nutritious food,
  • worked to address a root cause of hunger,
  • removed a barrier to accessing programs or services, or

employed a creative/innovative method to overcome a problem.

Letters of nomination should include specific activities that warrant the award.  The deadline for nominations to be received is 5 pm, Friday, December 11, 2020               

Thank you for taking the time to recognize deserving individuals in your community.  Please return the attached nomination form to Gayle Carlson at the address below by mail, email, or fax no later than 5 pm on Friday, December 11, 2020. Please remember to include the address and telephone number of the nominee as well as the nominator on the form.  Feel free to contact Chief Executive Officer, Gayle Carlson.

Food Security Council

The Food Security Council (FSC) purpose is to improve access to nutritious food for all Montanans through long-term, policy advocacy solutions. The council serves to identify barriers to food security, gaps in services, and the need for program development throughout the state. The council has representation from statewide advocacy groups, state offices (such as SNAP and Child Nutrition programs), congressional delegations and members of MFBN board and staff. Find the full list of members below.

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things
– Mother Teresa

MFBN’s Public Policy Department works to carry out much of the work identified by the Food Security Council.

Food Security Council Actions and Priorities

Build Collaboration between Programs:
The Council strengthens communication and collaboration between public and private groups working to increase food security in the state.

Impact Policy at the State and Federal Levels:
The Council responds to current policy proposals and advocacy opportunities at the state and federal levels.

Support Communication with Congressional Offices:
Representatives from Montana’s Congressional offices share information on current legislation. In turn, other Council members provide updates on the public food programs and the status of hunger in the state.

Honor Montanans through the Food Security Council Awards:
The Council recognizes people in Montana that have performed extraordinary efforts to reduce hunger and increase access to healthy foods for people in need.

Focus on Current and Critical Issues:
Current priorities include addressing senior hunger in Montana and supporting healthy environments at Montana’s food pantries

For more information about the Food Security Council contact Lorianne Burhop, Chief Policy Officer

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