Amy Doughten - Administrative Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator

Amy DoughtenAdministrative Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator

(406) 541-4885

Amy has lived in Colorado, Oklahoma, Michigan, and South Dakota, but has found herself at home in the great state of Montana for over 14 years. She has a huge passion for helping others and loves that she can bring her passion to work every day and play an active role in being a part of MFBN’s mission to end hunger in Montana as the Administrative Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator.


  • worked with her partner for 10 years until they both left the food service industry to become Administrative Assistants at nonprofits in Missoula;
  • enjoys spending time with her cat, playing board games, watching sports, and golfing with her partner;
  • learned to play the alto saxophone in the 5th grade and has won awards for her musical talents;
  • donated time in high school and college tutoring and mentoring students in the Upward Bound program and assisting refugees with their studies, friendships, and teaching the importance of education; and
  • loves to learn and her favorite topics include wildlife biology, ancient civilizations, and sociology!

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