Bela Bucciarelli - Child Nutrition Coordinator

Bela BucciarelliChild Nutrition Coordinator

(406) 541-4952

Bela moved around a lot but mostly grew up in Georgia and Massachusetts and she also lived in São Paulo, Brazil. Bela moved to Montana to be a part of a community where people care about each other and spend a lot of time outdoors. She also wanted to be a part of the advocacy work happening in Missoula. Bela is passionate about how MFBN advocates for food as a human right and loves how her role as Child Nutrition Coordinator can support and build off of the fantastic work that schools, programs, organizations, and families already do to help kids. Bela worked a lot with schools through sports and has seen the importance of kids getting food at school and the gap in support that can appear during the summer. Bela’s passion for working with kids fuels her work at MFBN.


1. speaks Portuguese;

2. hiked 90 miles of Colorado’s Continental Divide Trail and hopes to hike more;

3. enjoyed poetry as her favorite class in College;

4. has been a vegetarian for almost 10 years; and

5. likes to forage for edible mushrooms!

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